First Love

There is a story I never told, a story that is bound to be unfold.

It’s the story about my first love, a certain someone sent from above.

He’s been there for me since the very start, the first man who gave me his whole heart.

He’s always been there for me, a selfless love that i didn’t foresee.

I never thought he will be my first love, a certain man i didn’t think of.

I dreamt it to be someone I love deeply, but when I think of him I smile sweetly.

I don’t know if “first love” is what it’s called, but the attention he gave me I seem enthralled.

The way I said it seems so cheesy, but describing his love is never easy.

I don’t know if he could tell, that saying “I love you” I never excel.

I just hope my love he could feel, because saying it to him may feel unreal.

I know all the sacrifices he’d been through for me, I wonder if he knows that I could see.

There is no greater love I could feel, than the love he genuinely zeal.

Now I’m about to reveal my first love, the one who definitely is sent from above.

The one who sworn from the first moment he saw me, that the love he’ll give is as deep as the sea.

I’m forever thankful for the love and sacrifices, God knows that what he done for us is boundless.

The love from the man who gave me life, and the man I could be proud of even in afterlife.

There is no greater love story than the love of a father; he is the reason of our joy, and laughter.

God really works in mysterious ways, for he knows that with you we’ll be happy always.

Even if there is dark and lonely days with you, but didn’t we always make it through?

He is the father whom I look up to, I always dream to be like you.

There is just a single wish as I end this poem, don’t think that this is made out of boredom.

I might be not expressive as others could be, but my intention I hope you could see.

I want others to know about my first love, it’s you that is sent from above.

I will always treasure this story even as I grew old, and let them know as I start with: “There is a story I never told”


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