The Girl Who Cried

I saw a girl holding back her tears, she seem startled when I appear

She hurriedly covered her face with her hair, and suddenly asks me not to stare

Then I said I could lend her my ear, but she says people don’t know how to listen but just hear

I tried to convince her that now I’m here, but she says: “I don’t need you, please disappear”

This girl is getting into my nerve; I believe this treatment I don’t deserve

I’m just here to show my care, but seeing it she wouldn’t dare

I guess she is the type that is always alone, and solve problems on her own

But wouldn’t it be better for her to have someone, rather than being with no one

I guess there is nothing else I can do, I just said: “Cry your heart out, I won’t stop you”

Then all of a sudden she burst into tears, and I tried to comfort her with: “its okay, my dear”

She suddenly stops and looks at me, then said: “You’ll never know the pain unless you feel!”

Finding she is right about that, I decided to move beside her and quietly sat

I didn’t say a word but I feel her pain, with no one to lean on anyone could be insane

She didn’t mind me beside her, she just cried until her vision is a complete blur

If I could do something to ease her pain, and a way that her trust I could gain

At least she’ll be able to know there is someone, rather than believing there is no one

Her tears seem to be flowing endlessly, and beside her I just sighed heavily

She is the type of person bottling all up, rather than answering other people “What’s up?”

I wonder if she is tired from her endless crying. But at least letting her feelings out she’s trying.

They said tears are the words the heart can’t say, I just hope all her pain will go away

She never did say a single word; silence is what she really preferred

I guess my presence didn’t help, but suddenly she said “no one can help you but yourself”

Now she leaves me speechless, I’m beside her all along comforting her weakness

But how can she not saw me, when I was always beside thee?

Then the reality starts to come upon, how it could be I’m such a moron

The girl I saw was me all along, a reflection from a mirror where it belong

I guess its common comforting your own self, rather than keeping it all on my shelf

I believe there is nothing wrong in crying, especially when you feel like dying

As my tears starting to dry up, let me tell you straight up

It’s not that there is no one there for me; I just choose to not let them see

This pain that I have in my heart, I can’t let them take part

For there are already things on their mind, my problems shouldn’t be combined

I know I’m stronger than what I seem, I know I’ll be okay after I eat Ice-cream

For all people have their own pain, and every rainbow comes after the rain

This bumpy road that I came across, God made it so I will pause

To think about what I’ve been through, and know which part I screwed.

So the girl in the mirror tied her hair, she now smiles at me and swear

That she will try to be stronger, and not cry any farther

But now she is tired and weak, she feels like she cried for almost a week

She decided to go to bed and sleep, because she believes tomorrow is a new day to reap.



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