Pearly Shells Sister Giuseppa!

Long ago a brat kid I was, one of my undeniably flaws

Even though 15 years ago is such a blur, I know that time I got her

No one dares to mess with me, ask them and they’ll agree

Crying was never wild as I did, even God tried to forbid

Even though they see me as an uncontrolled child, there is a person who knows how to make me go mild

When all of them loose hope, unbelievably she knew how to cope

She knows how to tame me with a style, and with that I give her my sweet smile

I knew she treat me unlike others, like how a child is treated by their grandmothers

I remembered how she walks to me and holds my hand, going to somewhere I don’t understand

They said I was the only one who goes to her room, when playing with her is all I assume

She started playing the VHS of “The day the sun danced”, and with it I fell into a trance

Every time things go wrong, I knew I will be with her all day long

It is known to all that I’m her favorite one, shining to her like a bright sun

Maybe because except from being a brat, there are a lot of things I’m good at

Her favourite is when I’m dancing “Pearly shells”, she talks about it to everyone else

I remember how they called me in the middle of the class, to perform “Pearly shells” that I thought will never last

Even though 15 years had passed, she still ask updates about my life like a newscast

I admit that I’m shy around her unlike before, but the days she cared for me I will never ignore

We love how she gets herself ready and wait for us the whole day, when she knows we’re on our way

I love how jolly she is every time she sees me, like nothing is wrong with thee

“I love how you dance Pearly Shells”, the thing to me she always tells

She never once forgot, the dance she is once fond about

And now in the last moment, “Pearly Shells Sister” is all that I can comment

Those words are never been that heart-breaking, as I will never hear you again saying

This poem is for you, a tribute made out of the blue

Maybe because I like to share, endless years you show care

I will never ever forget you, and the memories we’ve been through

When it’s time to see you again, I will say with a smile “Pearly Shells Sister Giuseppa!”


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