He Told Me To Go

Once our love is worth story to tell, the moment he saw me i knew he fell

Those feeling are seen from his eyes very well, he goes to me and said he was on my spell

I smiled as his moves i can foretell; i tried to brush him off with a farewell

It was a meeting that forgetting i wouldn’t do, but now i must for he told me to go…


Our love suddenly started like that, he tried to pursued me with all his gut

He always went to where i work at, and treats me with a coffee and doughnut

I admit it was really fun as we chat, and his eyes to me are always fixed at

That time when our feelings flow, is now gone as he told me to go…


Our love he described to it as a jackpot, because me loving him he would never thought

He said I’m the most precious treasure he got, that letting go he certainly cannot

Giving my love to him means a lot, and loving me till the end is what he ought

That genuine feeling he must have thrown, for how can he told me to go?


Our love then is beyond compare, breaking apart we wouldn’t dare

The love we both share, we always show each other how much we care

Although hurdles are always there, we got through it together

Forever with him i thought so, but i guess not because he told me to go…


Our love for each other seems so real, that being alone we never deal

We see to it we make each other feel, that being with each other we always will

If we have problems we don’t conceal, we try our best to fix it when we reveal

I thought this love will not end though, but I’m wrong for he told me to go…

Our love he wants it to be done, he sees to it i believe his love is now gone

As he said that loving me is just for fun, the one that i love is he the same man?

My mind wants in our love to hold on, because in my heart he will always be the one

I hope this is just a show, but he is decided when he told me to go…


Our love’s pain I’m willing to endure, to be able to be on his side i secure

My heart being like this is obscure, but in this pain he’s the only cure

I thought his love for me is pure, how come now our love is so unsure?

Our love that i want to fight for, but for him he wouldn’t as he told me to go…

Our love i guess isn’t the same, but to him i wouldn’t blame

For the love we had that i claim, from the start for him is just a game

Even if our love turned out to be lame, i still called out your name

I know after this goodbye there’s no hello; i will still love him as he told me to go

Our love story will now come to an end, good bye to the times we had spend

But how come i feel like this is just pretend? it felt like to me he want to depend

Maybe it’s just my mind trying to amend, so i walk on but i felt his hands to me extend

There is something wrong with him i know, what did happen before he told me to go?

Our love that he said he will leave behind, his thoughts are suddenly nonaligned

Does he really think i am blind? I knew something is bothering on his mind

He forget how emotions in his eyes i can find, I can see that deep inside he’s resigned

How can he let his tears flow, when a while ago he told me to go?

Our love that causing both of us oppressed, why do he keep his feeling suppress?

“Don’t play with me!” I exclaimed while i confess, but he suddenly grab me and caress

His kiss makes his true feelings express, the feelings that a while ago he didn’t address

Does he think I’m so slow? That i don’t know he didn’t mean it when he told me to go

Our love that had gone through so much, wouldn’t end as easy as such

In his arms I’m tightly clutched, he said the words “i can’t i love you so much”

He released me then our eyes match, I can feel his hand in my face as he touch

Then he said: “I thought I can let you go”, he must’ve been hurt when he told me to go

Our love that he is trying to protect, “what’s wrong?” his reasons I want to check

He said “Letting you go is what i expect, I’m afraid being with me your future could wreck

The uncertainty of your life with me i want to correct, i just want your future to be perfect

I’m a fool to think i can though, when i said i want you to go”

Our love that will never end, in his worries i must attend

“Your reasons i can’t apprehend, the uncertainty of the future i don’t want to depend

Do you think it’s easy to do what you commend? Being happy without you i can’t pretend

Do you think I’m really slow? That i don’t know you can’t when you told me to go”

Our love that is so strong, we’ve gone through so much all along

i know to ourselves we always belong, with each other we could make a perfect song

Our future may gone wrong, but with him i want to spend my lifelong

“Stupid! You make me cry though!”, he smiled and told me not to go

Photo Credits: http://img00.deviantart.net/d88d/i/2012/101/b/1/hug___lineart_by_illsa-d4vsmpb.jpg


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