To The Girl Who Once Was Mine

The reply for “To The Man Who Broke My Heart”:


To the girl who once was mine, it’s been a year so I hope you’re fine

I’m lying if I say you’re not in my heart, but this thought to you I’ll never impart

Because I know we could never restart, even if it feels like to you I never want to be apart

But I guess the fault is on my part, because I’m the one who broke your heart

To the girl who once was mine, I love how your eyes still shine

I see a while ago you have someone you met, you have already moved on I bet

But how come I still can’t forget, the feelings that must be kept

My heart should now accept, that it’s you I can’t get

To the girl who once was mine, I hope you’re still mine

I know I shouldn’t feel this way; I was the one who had gone away

How dare I am to say, that in my heart you still weigh

If only your heart I could sway, and by my side you’ll stay

To the girl who once was mine, this is what our fate had design

Now our love is something I miss, it’s you I can’t resist

My wish is to once again feel your kiss, this thoughts I should dismiss

I know I shouldn’t be like this, but I just can’t help to reminisce

To the girl who once was mine, if iIshow you my heart i know you’ll decline

I thought in this lunch you’d say no, but I’m thankful you still came though

You hating me is what I’ve know, I’m thankful that to you I’m not a foe

I hope my feelings doesn’t show, that until now I can’t let you go

To the girl who once was mine, with you I must draw a line

If i could just let our love restore, i promise i love you more

But whom I was kidding for? We will never be like before

And this make my heart sore, it feels like tearing its core

To the girl who once was mine, it’s me who isn’t fine

Our love that was now bygone, living life without you is starting to dawn

I guess I should start now to move on, even though i want to hold on

Now I regret being gone, because to you I’m still drawn

To the girl who once was mine, should I move on please give me a sign

Can you forget what i did to you? And be like what we used to

I wish we could start anew, and with me you’d say “I do”

But we would never have a same view, after what you’ve been through

To the girl who once was mine, with me I shouldn’t ask you to dine

Because now I know it’s you i still prefer, even though I’m with her

Why does in my mind it didn’t occur, that our blessing you would confer

I can see that your eyes are starting to blur, but noticing it I wouldn’t dare

To the girl who once was mine, what’s in my heart I couldn’t define?

It feels hard to be friends with thee, because you moving on is hard to see

I shouldn’t have break free, then until now you’re still with me

But I won’t try to come back to thee, because I know without me happier you’d be

To the girl who once was mine, hoping to be with you I must resign

As I walk on I let a tear escape my eyes, thank you for making me realize

That because I’m not wise, I let my mind fed up with lies

I let myself heave a couple of sighs, as I accept the fact being with you i just fantasize

To the girl who once was mine, you will never be mine

Now we are once again apart, because it’s impossible for us to restart

But don’t forget that in my heart, you will always have a part

Hoping next time we’ll have a fresh start, being friends with the man who broke your heart.



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