“I Love You”

“I love you”,

I thought those words are true.

But I don’t have a clue,

To the lie you just blew.

If i only knew,

Then this feeling didn’t grew.

If you could only feel this too,

The pain that I’m going through.


“I love you”,

I shouldn’t have loved you too.

Now I’m feeling blue,

Because my heart still aches for you.

The smile you drew,

That should’ve been my cue.

I should have run away from you,

So my heart wouldn’t be broke into two.

 “I love you”

If only those words are true.

I know i could withdrew,

And away from your arms I flew.

But even my mind wants to,

My heart still longs for you.

So this feeling I must threw,

For we don’t share the same view


“I love you”

Your lies, i knew.

I must bid you adieu,

And start my life anew.

Even if I love you,

This heartache I could go through.

Now i must say “thank you”,

For making me realize I could live without you.

Photo Credits: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-yDrqe5YKxwE/VHmOS7u2TYI/AAAAAAAACqg/FzZSan3pfA4/w1200-h630-p-nu/sad-girl-with-blood-tears-in-eyes-hd-wallpaper54.jpg


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