I am Depression

Hello, I am Depression! I could fool you with my expression.

You thought there is positivism in my impression, but deep inside you could feel my oppression.

Don’t even bother to ask a question, because faking it I have an obsession.

Because no one will have an accession, finding out my inner aggression.


Yes, I am Depression! There must be no confusion.

I am not only an emotion, but I am the result of your heart’s destruction.

So always treat me with caution, because through me you could go to wrong direction.

How nice it is if people only knew my prevention, their pain could have a limitation.


But sadly, I am Depression! I am your feeling of isolation.

I affect others like an invasion; I am your positive energy’s negation.

There is no doubt that I am your creation, due to the world’s unfairly transgression.

So dealing with me is an important decision, to be able to attain a positive conclusion.

I am Depression! And I am the cause of your exhaustion.

Because too much pain infliction, could make you feel the sense of stupefaction.

So you must have a strong motivation, to cause a positive contradiction.

One must control their situation, through having positive life adaptation.


So I am Depression! But I just follow your jurisdiction.

You can overcome this stagnation, if you confront your frustration.

Problems must face with moderation, because life is a constant competition.

You just have to balance life’s formulation, because for you I’d rather face extinction.

Photo Credits: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/77/3b/54/773b549a9618261240736f7448a7b19f.jpg


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