Me, as a Writer. 

This poem is made for the readers who view,

and starting it I don’t have a clue

I just want them to know about myself,

as I let my works go out on my shelf

I thought of sharing my works,

hoping it will have some perks

I just want to share what I’ve been through,

and how did I change my view.

The poems that I made are all about me,

I made poems based on how I feel

I also created poems to those that I cared for,

and to those people who made my heart sore

But I admit I made stories that is fictional,

to show that love is unconditional

Love that made all of us feel,

that in life there is something real.

I know my poems are not that great,

and there are others who are best with what they create

But I guess I just want to let others feel,

what I felt in my heart that I sealed

It takes years for me to decide,

to post poems that I hide

It maybe just a poem to others,

but for me it’s me that I cover.

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