You and Me

Once upon a time there was you and me;

It started when you came unexpectedly.

We built a friendship that I didn’t foresee,

And we enjoyed each other’s company.

It was the time when we are still carefree,

And with you I’m always happy.

Our closeness everyone can see,

Because nothing matters except you and me.

Remember when there was you and me?

And our hearts were in full glee.

Then I woke up to reality,

The reality that I faced cowardly.

It is the time I started to worry,

That I might fall for thee.

In this heart I’m afraid of your entry,

Due to my uncertainty of you and me.

In the time when there was you and me,

Happiness occurred to me.

The happiness that I choose not to see,

Because this feeling scared me.

I don’t know if what I felt is love genuinely,

But I just know with you I’m happy.

I admit my heart is not free,

Not free from doubting you and me.

I know there was you and me,

But the feeling is kind of messy.

I’m afraid to know what you felt for me,

Afraid that it is just I who fell for thee.

Maybe that’s why I’m an escapee,

Escapee from what we could be.

Now I’m feeling sorry,

For letting go of the possibility of you and me.

Once upon a time there was you and me,

Now I’m afraid that it is just a memory.

The past us makes me envy,

Of how close you are to me.

I admit in this feeling I’m a newbie,

That’s why letting you go is what I agreed.

Now my heart seems to be achy,

Regretting of the chance of you and me

Is there really a something between you and me?

Now our past seems to be blurry.

Is it just I who assumed the “we”?

When maybe friendship is all you have for me.

I hope this poem you’ll not see,

I’m afraid what I believe you’ll disagree.

Now maybe I’m just crazy,

Crazy of believing there was you and me.

Maybe I’m not truly in love with thee,

But I’m just in love of what we could be.

We could have been together eternally,

And loved each other deeply.

But I should wake up to this reality, t

The reality that there is no you and me.

Bur there is just one thing I plea,

That even if it’s not love, never forget the you and me.

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