Until Then

The reality that I’m on my own, is now starting to dawn.

You left me all alone, in this situation I’ve never known.

My mind is just blown, because to heartache I’m always prone.

Now i’m back to my comfort zone, back from the reality I’m grown.

We were once a great pair, showering ourselves endless care.

I thought you will be always there, because that is what you swear.

Why life is so unfair? I wish there is time to prepare.

Prepare myself to be in despair, after leaving me in no where.

I’m feeling so blue, because my heart still aches for you.

If I could just redo, in your presence I should not be used to.

Now I’m like a statue, because I don’t know what to do.

If I could just go with you, and start our life anew.

But I must stop dreaming, because you’re not staying.

I shouldn’t be crying, and stop myself from agonizing.

For I know this love story has no ending, because you will not stop caring.

So even though my heart is aching, For you I must keep on living.

Just know that my heart felt happy, those times that I spent with thee.

Now as I go back to reality, I will definitely treasure our memory.

I beg you not to worry, on what my life would be.

So now I will say sorry, for taking this long in setting you free.

If we see each other in heaven, I hope our love will arisen.

That time no one will come in between, and our hearts will never be broken.

Definitely our love will get deepen, and this day of hurt will be forgotten

I know someday that will happen, so for now let’s wait until then.

Photo Credits: http://www.motox1wallpaper.com/wp-content/1HD/Love/FTP2/1280×720/Sad%20love%20desktop%20wallpapers%201280×720.jpg


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