Old Pillow

I wanted to say hello, but I can see your tears flow.

What kind of pain did they bestow? That makes you feel low.

Come here and let your feelings show, as I listen to your tale of woe.

Because in comforting you I’m a pro, even if I’m just your old pillow.

The reason of your tears I want to know, I want to ease up your sorrow.

But baby you should take it slow, because I know your feelings overflow.

You’re alone again like a few days ago; I wonder why you always cry in solo?

But don’t worry I’m always here though, even if I’m just your old pillow.

You knew well I’m not a foe; I’m just here to help your emotion mellow.

Just release your heart’s cargo, and shut off the world’s consistent “no”

Make them see your inner glow, and how much those people made you grow.

Even if your heart aches just know, you could cry it out to your old pillow.

In time your pain will go, and there will come a new tomorrow.

So for now let your tears flow, because after a rain there comes a rainbow.

Life is about dancing its tempo, if you miss the beat you will fall solo.

And in case you fall again in your life’s show, I will be here as your old pillow.

As your arms let me go, you tried to smile to not let them know.

My heart aches for you though; as I saw you put that mask that you throw.

There is one thing I want you to know, don’t be afraid to let your feelings show.

Because when it’s time for me to go, I want you to have someone rather than your old pillow.



Photo Credits: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-T6ZyKWB5M2k/TyR1Kl1Mv7I/AAAAAAAAB_A/UXuaeEaO6l4/s1600/Tears_On_My_Pillow.jpg




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