Why I Can’t Love You Back

There is a reason why I can’t love you back,

It isn’t because my love for you lacked.

It is just this world suck,

That in this situation we’re stuck.

I guess we don’t have any luck,

Because this love will cause a shock.

I love you and the heaven knows I do.

But this world has a different view.

They said we shouldn’t push this through,

Because even God doesn’t want us to.

But if this is wrong how could it feel so true?

Me wanting to be with you.

I guess we should stop this now,

I’m sorry my feelings I can’t avow.

Because I know our love they wouldn’t allow,

So I’m asking you to take our final bow.

But before we go let’s make a vow,

That we will be happy somehow.

This is our unfortunate reality,

The reality that I shouldn’t be in love with thee.

How happy it could be,

If they just know how to set us free.

But the world we live will never agree,

In this kind of homosexuality.

This love I want to fight for,

Causes our families’ uproar.

They will do their best to tore,

This love that we swore.

I tried my best to ignore,

But fate seems not in our side anymore

Now in this situation I’m stuck,

They made me marry the girl I don’t love back.

They said this is the right track,

But why does my heart felt racked?

The future with you seems pitch black,

That is the reason why I can’t love you back.


Photo Credits: https://67.media.tumblr.com/62c687ad2e123ce1b63642638c82fa78/tumblr_n97dofOoM41tgth2jo1_400.gif



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