To The Girl Waiting For His Return

To the girl waiting for his return,

When will you ever learn?

Didn’t he make your heart torn?

But why for him you still yearn?

Can I ask you not to wait for his return?

But I know that matter in none of my concern.

I just hope the love you had you shouldn’t mourn,

Because from the start it is a lie what he had sworn.

Is there a chance you will not wait for his return?

Because I hope your love I could earn.

Even though I knew my feelings you would spurn,

Your love is still what I yearn.

To the girl still hoping he would return,

You’re the reason why I’m born.

If only my feelings you could discern,

I could love you more than what he had sworn.

To the girl who couldn’t love me in return,

I could see that to him you are still concern.

My heart aches like its being torn,

As I watch you waiting for his return.

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