That Hanky

The hanky that you left behind, that’s when our fates intertwined.

Your attitude seems so refined, and I can’t forget how your eyes shined.

Thoughts of you fills up my mind, “It’s not love” to myself I remind.

I knew how love is hard to find, love and infatuation shouldn’t be combined.

Maybe I lost my sanity, the moment you drop your hanky.

Is falling in love easy as A,B,C? if not, then why in a second I fall for thee?

The time you asked me for coffee, I knew that is just for thanking me.

Even if we had no possibility, in this infatuation let me be.

This small talk that we share, accompanied by this big smiles we wear.

I could see it from their stare, they believe we made a great pair.

But I should know my lies and be fair, that in our reality I should be aware.

I should have known better and prepare, that this moment will go no where.

It’s your hanky I should thank to, because through it I met you

I never had a clue, because of your hanky we’ll meet through

It’s like you’re Cinderella leaving a shoe, can I have my happily ever after with you?

But thinking forever with you seems overdo, when in this day I just met you.

If your hanky weren’t forgotten, seeing you I wonder when.

After you ask for my pen, you asked for my number then.

You said you want to see me once again, I thank God with an Amen.

But in the time I’ll see you again, will this feeling awaken?

As we bid each other “Goodbye”, I long to the moment until I’ll say “Hi”.

The words that my heart outcry, I couldn’t even justify.

In the moment I heave a sigh, before you go I guess I should try.

“I hope to see you again this July”, and to your sweet smile I rely.

Your smiling as you leave my sight, even as you go you’re so polite.

If you just knew what I felt in the fortnight, seeing your message as my phone light.

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling so bright, after giving me a dinner invite.

I replied with “Sure. Have a Good Night.”, How could I even decline my Mr. Right?

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