The monster inside me,

Is smiling with full glee.

“In a moment I will be set free,”

He thought as I drop on my knee.

“Just cry my little baby,

Because don’t worry you have me”.

As I start to fall apart,

Inside of me he started to depart.

He smirked as he say “Hey sweetheart”,

As it stares at my bleeding heart.

“You little kid ain’t smart,

Why not destroy them while you restart?”

I look up to him begging on my knees,

“I’m tired, help me please.”

He holds my hand and squeeze,

“Don’t worry I got this”.

Somehow it made my heart at ease,

I’m ready for whatever it is.

He said we’ll make their lives miserable,

From that moment i knew it was trouble.

But I’m willing to join this gamble,

To witness how their life will crumble.

It’s time to make them feel responsible,

On how they made me this despicable.

So now let’s start to play,

With them being the prey.

I will make sure they’ll regret that day,

When they made me this way.

No one will help even if they pray,

Because it’s time for them to pay.

I grinned as i see all of them were losing this game,

How dare they think I’m still the same?

Ruining their lives is my aim,

Don’t even try to give me the blame.

Whatever they took away I’ll reclaim,

And I’ll make sure their lives will be on shame.

When their end is near,

A little boy gave me his stuffed bear.

As he shed a drop of tear,

Reality becomes clear.

The way I ruined their life is severe,

That also affects whom they hold dear.

Now i know revenge is not the answer,

I shouldn’t let myself be driven by anger.

Maybe in this game i made I’m a winner,

But in the people they love I’m a life wrecker.

I shouldn’t let that monster take over,

Now i am nothing but a sinner.

How ironically i became dreadful,

By letting that monster takes rule.

Those people that made my heart sorrowful,

I made myself worse than them by being this hateful.

Now I’ll make sure to pay in full,

By living forever sinful and regretful.

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