Hi! It’s nice seeing you again,
I’m glad I didn’t come in vain.
You’re as beautiful as ever,
Because you shine wherever.

Are we still friends?
Even though I hope that ends.
Can’t I be your someone?
I prefer that than being no one.

Now you’re laughing,
Because you thought I was joking,
If you just know it’s still you,
After all the years that’ve gone through.

I wonder if I confess you’ll look at me,
But I guess you weren’t into me.
I wish I didn’t ask you though,
Now your answer I’m scared to know.

Then you suddenly turned serious,
What you’ll say I’m curious.
Surprisingly you said “okay let’s try”,
My happiness I couldn’t deny.

Thank you for taking the risk to try,
I’ll prove that I’m the right guy.
I promise to love you until my last breath,
You’re my first and last love until death.

Photo Credit: http://tienganhgiaotiepcongviec.com/tu-vung-tieng-anh-ve-tinh-yeu-theo-tung-giai-doan/


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