Dad! She seems breathless,

And her room is a complete mess!

But dad I don’t understand,

Why there’s blood in her hand?

Did mom bump on the shelf?

Is that how she hurt herself?

Dad! Why mom’s like that?

I’m worried on how she looks at.

It seems like she’s not moving?

And Dad why are you crying?

Did you have fight with mom?

That’s why she’s keeping mum?

Dad! Seems that mom couldn’t hear us!

Because she’s not making any fuss.

Now I’m starting to get scared,

Why are you acting like you are prepared?

Something feels wrong here,

And suddenly I saw mom drop a tear.

Dad! Doesn’t she hear me?!

Would you tell her to answer me?

Why is she like this?

Why’s everything amiss?!

I don’t understand anything!

Because you won’t say something.

Dad! Mom woke up!

So her wound let’s clean-up.

Mom, does your wound sore?

Then she suddenly replied: “No, my heart hurts more”

Mom do you feel unhappy?

You said you’re always happy with me.

Dad! Mom is saying sorry!

She said “Don’t worry; now I’ll be happy”

Then mom closed her eyes,

And dad suddenly cries.

Dad! Is mom sleeping?

Then why are you weeping?

Dad! Why are you saying mom is gone?!

I still need her to depend upon.

Dad why are you saying sorry?

Why is everyone saying sorry!

I never understand a thing!

Mom, wake up and say something!

Dad! I thought everything’s okay!

Because she kissed me good night everyday.

Does mom know I’m still eight?

How could she leave us in this state?!

But mom never answered,

And like that, my heart shattered.

Dad! It’s been fourteen years,

When that tragedy occurs.

I wish mom knew how much that affected me,

It took time before I understand the reality.

She don’t know how I grew up blaming myself,

Because all she cared about was herself!


Dad, I wonder why to her our happiness didn’t matter?

She just thought without her everything’s better.

But well it never went that way,

We’re at lost every single day.

If she just imagined what happened after,

Then she’ll know killing herself is not the answer!

Dad, you did everything for me,

You see through it that I’m happy.

That’s the thing she never did,

Because in her weakness she hid.

At least to you I matter,

Unlike her that didn’t even bother.


Dad there’s always been a part of me,

That wishing she’s not happy.

How could she let me see her die?

The trauma is hard to get by.

She’s nothing but a selfish mother,

Because she just thought of the fastest answer!

 Mom it’s always been you!

All of our struggles are caused by you!

You left us with the guilt,

The moment you slit your wrist.

It’s always you wanting to have happiness,

And not about our lives turning into mess!

Dad, it took time before I let myself free,

From the guilt of her own idiocracy.

I was in to it for too long,

When I thought I never did wrong.

So now I just hope she’s happy,

In the place where she choose to be.

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