True Love

You came unexpectedly,

I didn’t even foresee.

How can in a split second you steal,

The love I thought I wouldn’t feel.

From the moment you held my hand,

Everything seems so easy to understand.

I knew you got my heart,

There’s no way I want to be apart.

In my world you brought joy,

That I never thought I’ll enjoy.

It seems that life has now a value,

I never thought I’ll love this true.

They said I am just a child,

A man living life like defiled.

But what they do not know,

I waited for this since long ago.

God knows I love everything about you,

I’ll even do everything you ask me to.

If you want the stars in the sky,

I’ll get it even if I die.

There is no accident in this world,

Don’t listen to the insults they hurled.

Because they will never have a clue,

On how much I will love you.

What they say don’t matter,

Because I’ll see to it our life will get better.

You will grow up very well,

And in this past you’ll never dwell.

Yes you came unexpectedly,

But we were in full glee.

Yes we got you in our twenties,

But we promise to love you with ease.

Because you gave meaning to my life,

After those years in strife.

At last my world is worth living,

So thank you for coming.

As our life will start,

I just want these words to impart.

Even though we’re too young for you,

We know how to love true.



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