He’s Back

He suddenly came back,

Asking me for another chance,

Now everything comes in flashback,

Those times when our heart’s still in romance,

And those times he showed that my love lack.



He wants me again,

Like a boy wanting his old toy,

A toy that he promised to love then,

Which he did nothing but destroy,

And leave alone in his playpen.



He wants me back in his life again,

Pretending nothing has ever happened,

Wanting me to forget our past strife,

Start back the love he put to end,

That love that cut myself with a knife.



I love him,

Too much that there’s nothing left for myself,

Yes I Loved him,

But he’s part of that painful love on my shelf,

And I won’t let my life again get dim.



But he’s smiling,

He must be crazy,

To assume he’s my happy ending,

He said he keeps thinking about me lately,

I know its lies but my heart can’t stop beating.



He calls my name,

This guy that is the reason of my pain,

This guy treated love just like a game,

I must be really insane,

As I couldn’t stop myself from calling out his name.


How dare he shake my heart like this?

How dare he come back after what he have done?

How dare he make me reminisce,

Those times that he treated me like no one,

And let me fall into his kiss?



But he’s still smiling,

As he calls out my name,

I know he’s lying,

Does he really think I’ll play his game?

When in the end I’m the one left crying.



My heart wants to give him a chance,

But my mind remembers all the pain I’ve gone through,

I must not forget and fell in ignorance,

But why it feels like I’m in a spell where everything he asked I’ll do?

Why do I feel like once again I fell into his trance?



Honestly I feel his sincerity,

Sincerity to change,

Maybe he’s now in his maturity,

To start and makes his life gets rearrange,

But I know I’m not included in that reality.



Because I’m fully awake,

I won’t let my life again be in despair.

I must stay strong for my sake,

Because I’ve gone through a lot to repair,

This life that gets broken after a heartbreak.



Still I’m happy for his return,

At least I know that he appreciated,

He finally knows how to yearn,

With just that I’m contented,

At least after all this time his love I earn.



But I’ll never be back,

To the same old us,

I guess its better he came back,

So that questions from the past were discuss,

And to prove myself that we took the right track.



Photo Credits: http://weheartit.com/entry/232491885


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