Death in Love

I fell in love with this woman,

The only one treated me like a friend.

Maybe that’s when this feeling began,

And having this feelings I don’t intend.

But there’s no reason to tell,

Because I know we couldn’t ever be.

So even though I fell,

Her future is without me.

Because I’m the angel of death,

And loving her I shouldn’t dare,

But every time she’s out of breath,

I couldn’t stop myself from showing care.

I want her to live her life,

I want her to overcome life’s battle.

I want her to be strong through life’s strife,

I want her to live well.

But I also want her,

I want her to be mine.

Because it’s the first time this feeling occur,

Just being with her I’m fine.

Because like me she’s broken,

Like me she felt alone.

And with me she’ll be awoken,

That into her I’m drawn.

She maybe alone in her world,

But with me she’ll never be alone.

Because in this darkness she’ll be my world,

In this darkness she’ll have her throne.

But there’s no assurance she’ll be happy,

No matter how much I could give.

Maybe she’s better without me,

So that she’ll continue to live.

I just wish she’ll never hurt herself,

Because that hurts me even more.

If she only take out what’s on her shelf,

Maybe happiness will soar.

And now she’s calling,

Wanting me to come.

That blade that she’s holding,

I know the outcome.

She’s desperate,

She wants all her pain to go away.

There’s hopelessness in her state,

She surrenders in this life’s play.

Now she’s gasping for air,

But I couldn’t end her life this way.

I know this is not fair,

Well I couldn’t care less on what they’ll say.

But how could an angel of death grant life?

It seems ironic in my job.

But it hurts me seeing her bleed caused by that knife,

And it pains me seeing her sob.

I’ll save her,

No matter what effect it’ll cause

Because one day her happiness will occur,

And she’ll forget how her life once was.

“This is my gift as your friend”,

And I hope this is goodbye.

“Hurdles are always there so try to blend.”

I hope she listens to what my heart wants to imply.

Granting her the gift of life,

Was the best decision I’ve ever done.

Even if it’s impossible for her to be my wife,

In my heart she’s the only one

In my madness,

I fell in love with this girl I knew.

So I hope she’ll find her happiness,

Because that’s the day I find mine too.



*Photo Credits to the owner*






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