The New Guy

From the moment he came,

He knew I’m not the same.

I know he’s not the one to blame

But the other one treated love like a game

It’s been hard to trust,

When some people cater their lust.

There’s no reason to discussed,

The primary cause of my disgust.

They said I haven’t moved on,

That I don’t think our love story was done.

Well I’m alright and moved on,

But the pain still hasn’t gone.

Now my life became a sad song,

When I did nothing wrong.

But somehow I learned to be strong,

So in this life I could play along.

But why do I feel he’s my heart’s outcry?

Even if I tell my heart it’s all a lie.

Why do I feel I can’t afford his goodbye?

But I’m even scared to try.

Or maybe it’s just too late to realize,

That I’m falling into his lies.

I wonder why my heart is still not wise,

Every time I feel the care in his eyes

Maybe because I know,

He’s not the guy from long ago,

The one who played love like a pro,

I just hope it’s not too late though

Because now I’m ready to forget,

Before I could even regret.

Another chance to make my life gets reset,

Hoping now its true love I could get.

So I thank him for listening,

When my heart was crying.

And thanks for the effort of mending,

This life that I thought has no meaning.


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