Be Mine

Have you ever loved someone,

That you gave up before it begun?

What’s in your heart you couldn’t confer,

Because you’re too scared to lose her.

She’s my wish every 11:11,

The only wish I had since seven.

The one I can’t stop thinking of,

My so-called first love.

She never knew how many times I drew a line,

In case I say stupid words like “be mine”.

Because how could I fall for my friend?

Worst part my best friend!

I fell for that snotty little kid,

That looks like a squid.

But now her imperfections,

Are also the cause of my affections.

That kid who never knew,

That in every smile she drew,

I couldn’t help but fall into a daze,

That makes my heart and mind in maze.

If only she feels the same way,

And in her heart I also weigh.

Then I promise to continue loving her,

Until the end she still the one I prefer.

But this is not a fairytale,

That happy ending will prevail.

Because maybe in the end,

She’ll just see me as a friend.

But I should try,

Instead of guessing her reply.

Because who knows what the ending might be,

Maybe this isn’t just a one-sided love story.

“I like you,

No, I love you.

I know you won’t take me seriously,

But please listen to me.

I keep drawing a line,

But deep inside I want you to be mine.

My heart aches when I’m with you,

But it also aches if I couldn’t see you.

This confession might not end well,

But at least I could tell,

That in my heart there’s you,

There’s only you.”



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