Thank You, I’m Sorry, I Love You

My heart aches,

Just thinking of you,

Even years past my heart still breaks,

Thinking how you’ve gone out of the blue.

How are you after leaving without a goodbye?

How are you after leaving me with those promises?

Why did you even lie,

Promising you’ll be with me to see my progress?

You end your chapter,

With those questions hanging,

To you did I even matter,

That you left me while I was sleeping?

I thought you will be always there,

Because that’s what you said.

You didn’t even give us time to prepare,

And just went ahead.

It’s not that I hate you,

But I’m just filled with regrets,

There’s a lot I want to do,

Before your time sets.

Because until now,

I wish you’re here,

If only time could allow,

I wish you didn’t disappear.

How great it could be,

If you just stayed?

Then until now you’re with me,

And all my thoughts were conveyed.

I miss you,

I miss your smile,

I miss you on my debut,

I miss you every time we celebrate something worthwhile.

Sometimes when I cry at night,

I imagined the warmth of your embrace,

Holding me so tight,

Wiping the tears on my face.

I wish you’re here,

Too much that my heart aches,

If you could only be near,

I’ll do everything whatever it takes.

I must stop dreaming,

Because you’re never coming back.

At least I know our story has no ending,

Because in caring you’ll never lose track.

Please be at ease,

Because even there’s this feeling of emptiness,

Whenever I think of our memories,

My heart gets filled with happiness.

So Thank you,

I’m Sorry,

And I love you,

I wish I said that when you’re with me.

When we see each other in heaven,

Please hug and kiss me like before,

I can’t wait for that to happen,

Because there you can’t leave me anymore.



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