Love and Trust

I thought you love me?
But you still don’t trust me.
In my heart it’s always been you,
But you choose to have no clue.

In a simple misunderstanding,
We always end up fighting.
Aren’t you tired?
This isn’t the love we desired

Is this love gonna get better,
When I’m starting to feel like I don’t matter?
I guess we shouldn’t hold on,
Because the you I love was now gone.

Open your eyes,
It’s time to realize,
We are starting to fall apart,
This will only cause a broken heart.

I love you,
I know that you also do.
But sometimes letting go,
Is better than continuing the sorrow.

Love and trust goes hand in hand,
Without the other the relationship gets bland.
So love without trust,
Is a love thats always unjust.

I know there’s no happy ending,
But is it worth continue trying?
To search our love in this drought,
That was only filled with doubt.




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