Falling In Love 

What does it feel to fall in love?

One of the questions I ask above.

What does it feel to be loved?

That feeling I always think of.

What does the pain feel after being shoved?

Shoved by someone you truly love?

This curiosity is what I’m ashamed of,

For it is unusual not to know what is love.

“Don’t fall in love” someone said,

Maybe that’s why I’m afraid

But every time i go to bed,

That is the thought going on my head.

Falling in love seems like hanging on a thread,

For you aren’t sure what’s ahead

Maybe that’s why there are some tears shed,

But there are also happiness shared.

What does it feel when you meet?

Could you hear your heartbeat?

They said when you fall in love you could hear it,

But people are just afraid to admit.

What does it feel when someone broke it?

Does the pain hurt that you want to quit?

How does it feel to have someone you commit?

I’m jealous because other people feel it.

They said right time will come for me,

I’m wondering until when I will wait for thee.

But I guess I’m willing to wait for someone I’ll love truly,

Because I know we will love each other endlessly.

So when you come and ask for my heart’s key,

There is just something i want to plea.

The love that i want to feel since i was three,

I hope you will be the first and last one that will love me.




Photo Credits: http://data.whicdn.com/images/103196790/large.jpg



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