I’m Sorry

Sorry if our love came out like this,

If only your tears could be wiped away by my kiss.

I wonder why our fate is such a tease,

That I couldn’t love you with any ease.

But still I hope you’ll hold on,

Because it hurts thinking you’ll be gone.

I’m sorry I love you so much,

That I couldn’t live without your touch.

That’s why maybe I’m insane,

Asking you to stay when my love cause you pain.

There is no doubt I’m being selfish,

but being with you is my only wish.

I’m sorry to be the cause of your tears,

But with you I want to spend all my years.

Without you my life is worthless,

And all that I am is just a mess.

So please hold on to me,

Because I’ll love you genuinely.

Sorry if I want you to stay,

But that’s the only thing I pray.

With you I don’t want to be apart,

Even though I always break your heart.

So please don’t let me go,

And let’s wish a brighter tomorrow.

I’m sorry to be the reason your heart aches,

Sorry if I keep making mistakes.

I just wish you’ll never say goodbye,

And be with me until we die.

But I should wake up from this foolishness,

And just think about your happiness.

I’m sorry if my love isn’t suffice,

To pay for your endless sacrifice.

I guess I should let you be,

Decide if your future is with me.

Maybe it’s better if I just let you leave,

Because pain is what you’ve only receive.


So I’m sorry for always saying sorry,

I’m sorry if sorrow is the highlight of our story.

I should’ve the courage to let you go,

After all the pain that I had bestow.

This love that hurts you until now,

I’ll try to end it somehow.


Photo Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/493425702900963500/



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