Can you feel it?

This odd contentment,

In this empty room,

Where there’s solace in this darkness.

I’m all alone,

But I never felt better,

Because even in my sadness,

There’s warmth.

Isn’t it amusing?

When you find comfort in tears

And sense sympathy,

Even in this old cushion.

I’m slowly getting addicted,

Of being alone,

Not needing anyone,

Not needing you.

If I cared too much,

There’s pain,

But in this solitude,

No one could hurt me.

Maybe this is the paradise I’m looking for,

A paradise in this darkness,

A paradise only for myself,

A paradise when I’m being myself.

I turn the radio on,

Maybe I’ll be okay after a few songs.

But my heart is still aching,

As my tears run dry.

I look outside the window,

I see stars shining so bright.

It blends well with those dark clouds,

And it brought smile in my face.

I realize how can anyone enjoy those stars,

Without darkness?

And if there’s no sadness,

Will we ever know what’s happiness?

Now I get it,

Why I blend well with this darkness.

Because like stars in the sky,

I need this darkness to help me shine.




Photo Credit: http://www.shayarimafia.com/tag/hindi-shayari/page/19/



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