A Friend’s Gift

I’m waiting for a friend of mine,

I already gave him a sign,

To be here with me and dine.

I wonder why he’s taking too long,

Maybe while waiting I should sing a song,

And then he’ll come along.

Maybe he just couldn’t read between the lines?

Or maybe I should send more signs?

What if he knew but just declines?

Well I’m used to this,

If I reminisce,

I’m always getting dismiss.

But still I wait for him,

Even if the chance is slim,

He’ll come as my sight becomes dim.

I know in any moment he’ll be here,

Because I could feel the end is drawing near,

I smile as I shed a drop of tear.

“It’s been a while my friend!

I know you’ll come in the end.”

I said as my hands to him extend.

“You’ve gone through a lot”

He utter as he squat,

“That’s been a hard battle you fought.”

I smiled,

Then I cried,

“I tried, I really tried”

“I know,

We knew long ago,

But do you really want to go?”

I’m tired,

In this life I retired,

And that’s what I desired.

I feel like he felt what my heart demands,

With that he extend his hands,

For the first time I found someone who understands.

Now the pain is hard to bear,

And I’m gasping for air,

I know what I’m going through he’s fully aware.

“Thanks for coming my friend,

Thanks for being here until the end.”

He smiled as my blooded wrist he tries to mend.

“I’ll come and get you again,

But please in hurting yourself try to abstain,

Because life has rainbow after the rain.

And this is my gift as your friend,

Live your life without pretend,

Hurdles are always there so try to blend.

I’m happier if you live your life,

By overcoming those strife,

Without hurting yourself with a knife.

Another chance of living I bestow,

As a punishment for always making me come and go,

I’m your friend but I’m busy also.”

He jokes as he goes and leave,

Should I laugh or grieve?

But still I thank him for another chance I receive.

The wound made by a blade,

Is now starting to fade,

But the pain in my heart stayed.

There’s this feeling,

That I’m not worth saving,

For I might end up losing.

But still thanks my friend for the quest,

Quest of living life as its best,

I’ll try to overcome hurdles as you suggest.

Promise I’ll try living,

Even though I feel like dying,

I know you’re busy but thanks for coming.




Photo Credit: http://thedratex.deviantart.com/art/The-Grim-Reaper-102176937



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