Coffee or You?

I’m here again, 

In this old cafe,

Where the seat near the window pane,

Is where we spent time every day.


I ordered the same black coffee,

You used to order back then.

Back when I’m still fool to see,

Those times you lied to me over and over again.


So now I take a sip to taste it,

Then burned my tongue.

I should’ve think before I go for it,

Maybe I won’t get stung.


But as I take few more sips,

My tongue adapts to the pain.

As the pain skips,

Relaxation begins to gain.


Well maybe that’s worth the risk,

Even though it hurt me.

I didn’t regret moving in whisk,

For when will I begin to enjoy this coffee?


In this black coffee,

I can taste the strong bitterness.

Bitterness that I never foresee,

That blocks the coffee’s goodness.


As I drink more,

The after taste hides some sweetness,

Where the bitterness could be ignore,

And you could taste the coffee’s completeness


That sweetness is enough to continue,

And make me ask for more.

But I don’t have a clue,

That it’ll be the reason my heart sore.


I don’t know what’s wrong with me?

I’m starting to think of you.

You know how I hate this kind of coffee,

But I’m drinking it because I miss you.


As I continue enjoying this cup,

I saw in my shirt a coffee stain.

I tried hard to clean it up,

But it’s hard to wash it away like pain.


Well even if its coffee or you,

Maybe it meant to leave a stain.

To reminisce those days I had with you,

Because like this coffee you’re worth the pain.




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