Will I ever know?

Where this road may go?

In this world full of “no”,

Will I ever grow?

In millions of people I was plucked,

To be one that stuck.

This reality that struck,

Makes me feel I’ve run out of luck.

Is this only a test?

On how I’ll do my best?

But how could I handle the rest?

When my heart’s in protest.

Save me please!

Should I beg on my knees?

I can’t handle trials such as these!

Will I ever live my life at ease?

I know I made this life went wrong,

But should this punishment prolong?

Because I’m not the strong,

To continue playing along.

I’m not okay!

Since the very first day!

Maybe other’s believe the lie I say,

But my heart knows it’s another way.

I’m in pain!

Pain that I can’t even explain!

It feels everything I did was in vain,

Like all of it was washed away by the rain.

Now, I couldn’t help but doubt,

If only I could shout!

My heart just wants to cry out,

Because in a second I could fall out.

I want everything to stop,

Stop making me feel my life’s a flop.

Well at least I found comfort in this rooftop,

Where no one could saw my tears drop.

Then suddenly it’s raining,

Like the heaven is also crying.

I look up and began smiling,

The warmth of the rain is consoling.



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